Emmanuel is a church of Connection Groups. Connection Groups are the heartbeat of the church, an essential part of becoming fully-developing followers of Jesus as we navigate life together.  These small groups meet weekly for fellowship, biblical study, and to form deeper relationships among the church family. These are the people that will be there when you need them.  They will pray with you and for you, they will encourage you, and they will walk alongside you on your spiritual journey.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. At some point, you’ll face impossible obstacles and barriers — situations that make you think there’s no way this is going to work out. But God wants to help you handle uncertainty when it comes your way. He is ready and willing to give you a breakthrough, but it doesn’t just happen spontaneously; breakthroughs happen when you seek them. And the way you seek them is through prayer.

Throughout the 40 Days of Prayer series, you will learn how to cultivate a powerful prayer life and experience breakthrough in your relationship challenges, financial difficulties, bad habits, health crisis, and many other areas of your life. Don’t miss a single weekend of this life-changing series!

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9:00am | Melaney & Daniel Sanchez / @ Emmanuel [Adults]

5:00pm | Bray King & Karlee Young / Chesapeake Beach [College/20-Somethings]

4:00pm | Perry & Melissa DeHart / Huntingtown [couples w/school-agers]

6:00pm | Ty & Nancy Massie / Huntingtown [Adults]

9:00am | Nancy Holston / @ Emmanuel [Ladies]


6:00pm | Bruce McGray / @ Emmanuel [Adults]

7:00pm | Bob & Jenna Licurgo / Huntingtown [Adults]

7:00pm | Troy & Kim Morgan / Huntingtown [Adults]


6:30pm | Brad & Tessa Washington / Lusby [Adults]

6:30pm | John & Kathleen Arban / Prince Frederick [Couples]


7:00pm | Nancy Bowen & Elaine Taylor / @ Emmanuel [Ladies]

7:00pm | Robin Marshall / Prince Frederick [Middle & High School Students]



5:00pm | Justine Rowland / Prince Frederick [Adults]




Navigating Life Together

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