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Emmanuel is a place to be yourself, grow spiritually, build friendships, and make a difference.  Everyone is welcome here, regardless of your story, your questions, your doubts, your past, your present, or your struggles. We're an imperfect church filled with imperfect people.  We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we believe in the God who does.


We exist to give you the best opportunity to become a fully-developing follower of Jesus.  If you’ve got questions, we think that we’re a good place for you to find some answers.  If you're looking for a place to get plugged in and connect with other people in a meaningful way, we think this is a good place for you to grow your faith.

Emmanuel Church is all about, all because of, and all for, Jesus. ​ It's not about polished performances, or trendy feel-good messages.  Like the first century church, we get together for a big, group celebration on the weekend, and then meet in smaller groups during the week to grow spiritually and connect in relationship with other believers.

We believe the Church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves.  Like Jesus, we will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  This is why we continue to raise up new leaders who take teams to share Jesus - and be Jesus - to those who are struggling and hurting.


We were created to live for something bigger than ourselves. God invites everyone everywhere to join Him in His work.  We hope you'll decide to navigate life with us.



  • We Value Jesus

  • We Value People

  • We Value Application of Scripture

  • We Value Growth

  • We Value Connection Groups

  • We Value Service

  • We Value Relevance

  • We Value Generosity

  • We Value Unity and Diversity

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